Rapid Assessments

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How efficiently does your concept operate? What opportunities for far-reaching savings exist? How do your costs measure up against industry benchmarks? Do your managers have the proper work ethic and attitudes?

LCG's wide experience allows for a rapid assessment of your concept's strengths and weaknesses. Our "60-Point Rapid Assessment Tool" provides the means to quickly evaluate what processes and systems are currently working positively for the business and, more importantly, what new approaches may be needed to achieve success.

Whether your organization already has access to the necessary talent, or whether you need to go to the outside for assistance, our "Rapid Assessment Tool" works equally well to pinpoint what initiatives are needed and what steps need to be taken.

The LCG team quickly assesses the effectiveness of your company's culture, existing systems and procedures (including operational costs), your service and hospitality, your culinary efforts, and your training and development of management and staff.

For the potential investor (or purchaser), LCG also knows what concept attributes to assess that contribute to continued success in a volatile industry.

New Concept Assessment

LCG's experience provides us with unique insights into the financial and operational viability of concepts still in the planning stages.

By analyzing pro-formas, business and strategic plans, researching the competitive restaurant market and examining market research, LCG asks the critical questions that often elude the less experienced.

LCG can assist a potential investor or landlord (or a concept creator ready to meet with investors and landlords) by determining in advance the soundness of the concept's business assumptions.